Ready4Work Program

The Ready4Work Program is a comprehensive 5-week Job Readiness/ Job Placement Program. It is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM-4 PM. The program provides each participant with a $10.50/hr -training wage. Clients will have access to our Peer Navigator program for up to a 1 year after enrollment in the Ready 4 Work cohort. Job readiness for each individual includes: resume and cover letter building, addressing interview skills, mock interviews, and role-playing which will provide feedback on demeanor, interview responses, and how to handle difficult interview questions. We communicate best practices for financial responsibility which include banking/credit building/checking and savings information, with account opening procedures together with a Financial Institution Associate.

Peer Navigator Program

The National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens Peer Navigator Program is providing a comprehensive mentoring approach. Our mentoring is a formal relationship with mutually agreed-upon goals defined by both parties. Through Peer Navigator mentoring relationships, we guide returning citizens toward stability, a change in behavior and a change in thinking. The returning citizen, (the mentee), defines their direction and goals while the mentor guides the mentee through their reintegration into the community. The mentor and mentee will be required to conduct 2-4 hours per week of contact. The contact may include, but is not limited to, telephone conversations and social visits (Cultural, Arts, Entertainment and Education), and may also include classroom work in the Ready4Work training. This relationship between the mentor/mentee is a 12-month commitment but also comes with a continuum of care after the end of that time period. Please contact us here if you are interested in this program.

Restorative Justice Model

Reintegration Support Circles
What it is:

Reintegration support circles are a way to have a network of people who care about your success come together to support your transition home. Your circle will build stronger relationships, identify issues and solutions, write a plan and follow up on the plan so that everyone in the circle is working for your success.

How it works:

You, your case worker and a facilitator will be part of your circle. You will identify 1-3 other people to invite to participate in your support circle.

  • Family members
  • Friends/mentors
  • Pastors/Church members
  • Service providers
  • 12-step sponsors
  • Other supporters
Each of these people will learn about the circle and make a commitment to participate on a regular basis. With the help of a facilitator, your circle will meet regularly for 3 months to a year, depending on what feels right to the group and to you.

Reentry Helpline

The National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens helpline is a free, confidential 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service for returning citizens reentering the community who are in need of reentry services. This service provides resources and referrals for employment, job training, family reunification, apprenticeship programs, food pantry, clothing, housing, mental health and/or substance abuse support. This service is provided to particularly aid those who are within the first 72 hours of their release, although any returning citizen can benefit from this service.

National Reentry Network Membership

Currently, we are focusing on building a membership platform intended to serve our returning citizens and their families indefinitely. We strive to be there for our returning citizens and their communities, no matter the obstacle. Therefore, through our membership platform, we’ll be able to offer a consistent and effective support system for all returning citizens.

Build Wealth DC

Community Led Preventive Model

Selected women participate in this program where they are assisted in transitioning out of poverty over a 3-5 year period. Participants will receive financial literacy training, outline their individual financial goals and plans, collaborate with our partners to work on their holistic well-being, and take part in a Matched Savings Program.

This model uses a mustard-seed approach to engage the community to determine their needs and address instances of harm. This is a preventive model, with the aim to reduce interactions with the criminal legal system before they can occur. Returning citizens are trained in circle-keeping, and work with the community to build trust and relationships.

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