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The National Reentry Network

1200 U Street N.W. Washington D.C. US

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Ready4Work is an evidence- based program that prepares returning citizens for the workplace. Our program offers financial literacy training, workplace emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills, resumé and interview preparation, and connections to employers.

Peer Navigators

Peer Navigators are responsible for providing hands-on assistance to individuals who have experienced trauma during periods of incarceration. The goal of The National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens Peer Navigation Program is to promote the successful integration of DC residents back into the community.  Peer Navigators are often justice advocates, mentors and role models who understand and can convey clearly how to access and utilize key services for returning citizens, and all involved in their personal success.

Reintegration Circle Keeping

Reintegration Circles offer a space for reentrants to connect with their personal support network and work towards achieving stability within that network. Circle-keeping promotes restorative justice, violence intervention, reconciliation in relationships, and creates healthy communication among our members.

Supportive Reentry Housing Initiative

The Supportive Reentry Housing Initiative is our new housing program that offers safe housing and supportive programming.  The National Reentry for Returning Citizens is eager to serve a population that has been critically underserved while facing multiple barriers one of which is homelessness.

This model uses a mustard-seed approach to engage the community to determine their needs and address instances of harm. This is a preventive model, with the aim to reduce interactions with the criminal legal system before they can occur. Returning citizens are trained in circle-keeping, and work with the community to build trust and relationships.

Selected women participate in this program where they are assisted in transitioning out of poverty over a 3-5 year period. Participants will receive financial literacy training, outline their individual financial goals and plans, collaborate with our partners to work on their holistic well-being, and take part in a Matched Savings Program.

This service consists of a series of sessions for returning citizens and community members. Hosted by The National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens and in partnership with the Washington Lawyers Committee. Workers’ Rights programming is meant to shed light on the extent of personal rights someone possesses in the workplace, provide information about what is legal for employers to do, and help secure resources for people who believe their rights have been violated.

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